Doing Our Bit

It is our intention to  'do our bit' locally, nationally and globally. We are on a journey and know that there is much that we can do to make a difference;however we feel we are making a start by:

  • using local producers and suppliers when possible and practical (for example our butchery products from R.G. Macdonald in Elgin). 
  • purchasing fair trade or rainforest alliance coffee and breakfast tea;
  • purchasing fair trade or rainforest alliance bananas;
  • buying British fruit when in season;
  • installing power saving light bulbs in all rooms;
  • using our central heating efficiently;
  • air drying laundry when weather permits;
  • reducing waste and recycling.

Many hotels, guest houses and their customers are aware of the environmental benefit of not laundering towels on a daily basis. We encourage our guests to  ?do their bit? and consider whether their towel needs to be laundered or can be used again.